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An Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation

Fort Sheridan        Historical Society

Society Newsletter

Winter, 2021

Greeting members and friends! 


This Newsletter is new in format from the past, but it's still packed with news about what's planned in the coming months, and what we've been doing recently.  Please read on!


The Fort is currently in its full wintry beauty, with white snow on everything.  Some would argue this is the prettiest time of year in the Fort.


Those of you who currently live elsewhere, you can imagine the incredible quiet of the snow.  Those who live here – enjoy it every day!  (Photo courtesy A. Jaras)

Ravine in snow.png

Food Drive - While the Society’s activities were slowed in 2020, we saw a really great Midwest Veterans Closet Food Drive. Thank you once again for your sensational donations and out pouring of support for our Veterans.

FSHS Food Drive2.png

Website - We have made big strides through the dedication of Joel Minster, new Membership Committee chairman, in updating our website: .

The site has a button for Joining (or simply paying your annual dues or making a donation).  We’ve noticed a number of people who’ve paid dues in the past haven’t paid recently.  If you don’t remember paying in the fall of 2020, you’re probably due for an update – please use the Join button to update your information and your pay your dues.

The website (you're on it right now if you haven't noticed) has lots of new information about the history of Fort Sheridan. It also has old photos from archives and new photos by member Algis Jaras.  The site includes a mini-Walking Tour of significant historic houses and buildings. Explore it all and share it with friends who are interested in the Fort.

PayPal Dues - In the past, some members paid dues automatically using PayPal.  PayPal continues to send us money, but doesn’t tell us from whom it comes!  Please contact us at if PayPal is still charging you to let us know who you are.  Then, you can discontinue PayPal and use our website to renew in the future.

Facebook - Our Facebook page (@FortSheridanHistoricalSociety), under the guidance of Tim Buckley, is also operating smoothly with new emphasis on history and historic memorabilia and timely updates on Society events as they are planned.  If you use Facebook and Follow the site, you’ll automatically see these updates.

Facebook Logo.png

Upcoming Events - We have more to come! March 3rd is the 134th Birthday of Fort Sheridan (see our website for more information on the forming of the Fort – you probably thought you knew it all). FSHS (that’s us, the Historical Society) would like to commemorate this memorable date by flying a flag that morning at the flagpole. We ask that each resident put a candle in their window or weather allowing candle on their front step to be lit from 6-8 pm. Another type of lighting could be used as an alternative. We will have Taps played that evening, closing the day. We need a design for the flag. Make it a family project. To submit your design for the Fort Sheridan Birthday Flag, please contact Donna Fitzgerald at for details.

The second date to mark in red is June 12th. Due to curtailments of the pandemic, FSHS will be sponsoring a Fort Sheridan Historic Building Walking Tour. The tour will consist of small group guided tours past our landmark buildings. More information will be provided as it formulates. We have high hopes that this event will wash away some of the pandemic blues and we can all be together again with our neighbors and friends.

We were pleased this past month to receive several item donations.  We were generously given two items from the 1987 Centennial of the Fort – a light pole banner and a framed commemorative tile.  We also were given permission to republish quite a number of articles about the history and architecture of the Fort, researched and written by Paul Melichar.  Some of these articles are already displayed on our website (here), with more to come.  We have limited storage space at present, but will always carefully consider any materials about the Fort you may wish to donate.  Please contact us through the website.


Always looking forward to the days of meetings with guest speakers and fun gatherings. Till then, visit our website and Facebook page to LEARN more about this fabulous, beautiful, historic place many of us call home.


Your FSHS Board,

Donna Fitzgerald, President

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