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For our February meeting, we're planning a presentation on an unusual Fort history topic. 


Check back here for more information as the time gets closer!

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The Fort Sheridan Historical Society was formed to honor, support, educate about, and promote the Fort and its history from the late 1880’s to present.

Our goal is to provide useful information about the Fort and its history to former and current residents and those interested in the history of the Fort and the North Shore.   Click here for more information about the Society.

Please explore this site to find much more information about the Fort, its history, and how to best plan and enjoy a visit to the Fort.  To encourage further research and sharing of Fort information, please support the Society by Joining.

Escorts at the Fort??

In the 1940's, the Fort was home to an Escort Company (no, not that kind of escort).  Click here to learn more!



  • Upcoming Presentation - A speaker on an unusual Fort topic is tentatively planned for our February meeting.  Stay tuned for more information.

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