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Chat with Former Senator Mark Kirk Planned


Pilot John Skittone Presentation

Fort Sheridan Historical Society will host an event at Midwest Young Artist Conservatory from 5-7PM, Friday Feb., 23rd. The guest speaker will be pilot John Skittone from Gurnee.

Skittone and pilot Bob Reynolds, Barrington, touched down in ALL contiguous states in 38 hours, setting a world record May, 2023, for the fastest journey by plane through ALL 48 contiguous U.S. states by landing in each just over a day and a half in a four seat Cirrus SR22 Turbo plane. "I guess I love flying for the way it shrinks the world. I feel like I can get into an airplane, go absolutely anywhere I want, whenever I want, and see the world from a perspective I could have only dreamed about before I was a pilot" Skittone reflected". *

This is a story you won't want to miss as two adventurous  pilots put the world on hold to dream a "Love of flying dream" together.  (The photo above is not of John's actual plane.)

This event is free of charge for all, courtesy of the members of the Fort Sheridan Historical Society.

*Chicago Tribune Thurs., June 15, 2023

Ghost Stories From the Fort

Thanks to the over 110 people who attended our first ever Ghost Stories from the Fort on October 22, 2023.


Also, much appreciation for Matt Fuller for assembling and presenting the stories, and the rest of the Historical Society board for helping host this event.

What's New on This Website??

In 1987, the Officers' Wives Club assembled and published a Community Cookbook.  Excerpts from this cookbook, especialy a series of Hints and Tips, can be found under the History tab above, on the Articles and Maps page.  Here's a direct link.  if interest is expressed, we could publish some of the 123 pages of interesting recipes from the book.


We're constantly adding new historical documents to the site, and our most recent has been to add copies of The Tower newspaper from the 1970s and from 1993. Find these on our Articles and Maps page.  The 3 papers from the 1970s highlight interesting events happening at the Fort and include some fun-to-read ads for local merchants.  The 1993 edition is the last one before the Fort officially closed on June 1, 1993, and has articles about the closing. 


Check them all out.  While you're on the Articles and Maps page, click on a few of the other historical documents listed there to answer some of your other questions about the Fort's past.  Enjoy!

The Society

The Fort Sheridan Historical Society was formed to honor, support, educate about, and promote the Fort and its history from the late 1880’s to present.

Our goal is to provide useful information about the Fort and its history to former and current residents and those interested in the history of the Fort and the North Shore.   Click here for more information about the Society.

Please explore this site to find much more information about the Fort, its history, and how to best plan and enjoy a visit to the Fort.  To encourage further research and sharing of Fort information, please support the Society by Joining.


Want to know more about the Fort?...

We routinely send out emails and newsletters with interesting information and updates on events.  No need to be a member to get these (although there are Member Only events you may miss out on).  Just contact us and we'll add you to our list!


  • February 23rd - meet the pilot who landed in all 48 contiguous states in 38 hours, 13 minutes.

  • March 3 - Fort Sheridan's 137th birthday celebration. Reveille at the Flagpole, 9 AM & 6 PM Taps.

Fort Sheridan: Then and Now

A new book by Laura Tucker.  Laura is a former resident of the Fort, an avid photographer and Fort Sheridan enthusiast, and has researched and compiled a collection of photographs and facts that highlight the ever-changing uses of the structures and the chameleon-like personality of the Fort.  Buy it here on Amazon. (Separately, Laura has donated many of her research materials for the book to the Society's archives.)

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