Visiting the Fort

The current Town of Fort Sheridan includes an Historic District of beautifully restored former officers and enlisted men's housing and other buildings, the former military parade grounds, a Military Cemetery, natural areas with developed walking paths on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, and nearly two miles of natural beaches. 


The natural beauty of the area is enchanting in any season, especially as you consider the history of all that has happened on this site.


The entirety of the Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated National Landmark.  See more details in the Buildings section of this site.

The Fort Sheridan Military Cemetery is located at the north end of the Fort.  More information on the cemetery can be found in the Cemetery section of this site.

Over its history, Fort Sheridan has been home to many well-known individuals as well as countless thousands of soldiers, their families, and civilians, each of whom did their part in making the Fort historic and memorable.  More information on the people of the Fort can be found in the People section of this site.