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Fort Sheridan National Cemetery

[Information from]  "The cemetery, which was established in 1889, contains 2,354 occupied gravesites. The cemetery is administered by the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois."

"The Fort Sheridan National Cemetery was established in 1889, two years after Fort Sheridan was officially founded. The cemetery has interred in its grounds Veterans from the civil war up to more recent conflicts. Interments also include World War II era German POW's who were held at both Fort Sheridan and nearby Camp Grant."

[From] While Fort Sheridan officially closed in 1993, the U.S. Department of the Army, at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin, continues to own and operate Fort Sheridan Cemetery as a Post Cemetery [Note - as of December, 2019, this is now a National Cemetery.].

For more information on the cemetery, see excerpts from Fort Sheridan Cemetery, here.

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The Cemetery is divided into Sections, then Rows, and then numbered spaces within a Row.  See the Section layout picture on this page (Section numbering from  Documentation of most all graves in the Cemetery can be found at, among other sites.  

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