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The Forest Preserve & Openlands

Directly adjacent to Fort Sheridan are the Forest Preserve (mostly to the north) and Openlands (to the south).  Both these areas were part of the original Fort Sheridan and were separated off from the Fort when the Fort closed in the 1990s.

The Forest Preserve is part of the Lake County Forest Preserves and comprises much of the former Fort parade grounds, the open areas north of the Historic District, and the northern section of the Lake Michigan beach.  Much more information on the Fort Sheridan unit of the Forest Preserve can be found at the Forest Preserves website,

The Illinois Nature Preserves Commission designated the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve as an Illinois Nature Preserve in 2013.  Openlands comprises mostly the bluffs and beach area to the south of the Fort Sheridan Historic District.  Much more information about this Openlands area can be found at the Openlands website,

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