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The Historical Society

The Fort Sheridan Historical Society was founded July 20th, 2016.  We are the result of a goal of the Fort Sheridan Master Homeowner Association Board Preservation Committee.  Our directive initially was the collection of Fort Sheridan memorabilia, the promotion of Fort Sheridan's beauty today and yesteryear, and the preservation of the rich history of the Fort.

The Society is a 501(c)3 Not For Profit organization under the laws of Illinois.  Donations to the Society are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  The Society routinely holds events which are open to the public and uses some of these events to raise funds to assist in fulfilling our Mission.

Membership in the Society is open to all who are interested in the Fort, including current and former residents, veterans, non-residents, and any member of the public with an interest in the Fort and its history.

The Society maintains a secure storage facility for the collection of donated or purchased artifacts from the Fort's past.  If you have items pertaining to the Fort's history, including personal photographs from the Fort, copies of the Fort's newspaper or other published materials, or any other item you think may be of interest to the Society, please contact the Society for more information and donation forms.

In recent years we have conducted meetings with informative speakers such as author Diana Dretske, attorney Douglas Stiles, architect Will Tippens, Tribune cartoonist Scott Stantis, landscape architect Nancy Hannick, and wreck diver and historian Steve Draska.  We provided tours of the Fort's Amrany Sculpture Studio and partnered with the Fort's Midwest Youth Artists Conservatory, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Fort Sheridan Master Homeowners Association events.  We have conducted three annual House Tours of historic buildings at the Fort.

The Society is managed by a Board of Directors.  For more information on current directors and officers, please contact the Society.

A longterm goal of the Society is to establish a location at the Fort for the display of educational historical information and our collectiion of memorabilia.


The photographs included on this site have been generously provided by A. Jaras and A. Seldon, among others.

Some of the historical and building information included on this site was researched and provided by A. Seldon.

Note:  Information presented on this website is believed to be accurate, comes from a number of sources, and is not guaranteed.  Please contact the Society with any suggested corrections.

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